Usually, we're simply rambling about the happenings of our day while we work here at CodeWithPower. We help our clients to design their websites and to get them fully optimized for marketing potential. It's a journey each and every time, presenting new challenges to face head on with all the knowledge we've gained from our previous experiences. Hopefully we can just offer a little bit of insight about what it takes to get your website ready to stand up to the competition on the web.

Professional Website Marketing DIY

Honestly, marketing a website is not as hard as people make it sound, but it does…
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8 Reasons Your Website Needs An Update

1. Is It Memorable? Honestly? It might feel frivolous, but take a serious look at your…
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What Google and Siri are talking about.

Snippets There is an interesting thing that google has started doing in the recent months. They…
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Top 23 Memphis Web Designers

Just want to give a huge thank you to Expertise for listing us with the top…
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Understanding Your Online Marketing Services

Please, take this as "informationally" as possible. We understand it's easy to get mixed up in…
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Will You Be Ready?

This isn't some apocalyptic-end-of-the-world post about prepping and inevitable doom. More of a reminder to keep…
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