8 Reasons Your Website Needs An Update

1. Is It Memorable? Honestly? It might feel frivolous, but take a serious look at your site. Was your last website made from…
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Graphic of growth with SEO

What Google and Siri are talking about.

Snippets There is an interesting thing that google has started doing in the recent months. They have started featuring snippets of websites. Mostly…
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Expertise best web designers in Memphis

Top 23 Memphis Web Designers

Just want to give a huge thank you to Expertise for listing us with the top 23 web designers near Memphis, TN!  Seriously,…
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Note book with a pen in it

Understanding Your Online Marketing Services

Please, take this as "informationally" as possible. We understand it's easy to get mixed up in the world of online marketing services. There…
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A person on a bmx Bike Jumping With a quote

Will You Be Ready?

This isn't some apocalyptic-end-of-the-world post about prepping and inevitable doom. More of a reminder to keep your goals in the present for the…
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Picture with text that says it's a good week to have a good week.

Motivate Yourself

To motivate is to encourage, to mentally support the change to come and to embrace it with everything you have. Well folks, it's…
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Desk with a note book and a pen with a laptop and a cup of coffee and a phone

SEO Trends in 2017

It's good to be trendy, sometimes. And forget about fashion. We're talking search engine optimization trends and we're looking at what direction we…
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snowflake pattern

Happy Holidays from CodeWithPower!

The Holidays Are Here! In the holiday spirit, we're feeling extra grateful for the people we've met over the course of the year…
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full ari52 brand design page

Custom Branding – NEW at CodeWithPower

Hey everyone! We hope you are all staying inside warm and cozy! If you're forced to go out, we hope your time spent…
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Glass of water half full


I can't sit here and say how much perspective on life or the world I have, but I can tell you that it…
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