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New Design!

We've been working very hard on a new design for our website! Take a look around! New, user-friendly features, bold colors, and fun…
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red stamp myth debunked

7 SEO Myths – Debunked!

This is a great article about 7 of the most commonly heard SEO myths and why they aren't true! Here is one of…
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search engine optimization heaven joke

SEO Joke

See! SEO is funny...sometimes! LOL!
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SEO – A Long Term Relationship

Are you giving your website enough attention? SEO tips and tricks are great, but you must understand above all that SEO is an…
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SEO Tip #27

Focus on search phrases, not single keywords. Also, try to put your location in your text (“our Palm Springs store” not “our store”)…
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SEO Laughs!

And this is exactly why you need SEO for your website! Let CodeWithPower help you-call us today! 901-463-3857, or fill out a contact…
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mobile friendly website on phone screen

Google Changes – Mobile Friendliness

As of April 21st, 2015, Google is making changes to their current algorithm. Google will be launching a new “mobile crawler” that can…
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chocolate computer case

Happy Easter

We are so grateful for all of our family, friends, and customers. We hope you all have a relaxing Easter and get to…
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web design construction

Build More, Use Less

Creating a website is a tough job. I'm not asking for sympathy in the least-I love my job. But, creating a customized-to-your-specific-needs website…
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computer cleaning

5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Website

It's springtime here in Memphis, and that means none other than, you guessed it, spring cleaning! But, spring cleaning isn't just for the…
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