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Blue Rooster is a retrofit lighting company based in Jackson, TN. Working in a specific niche within a larger industry is a little tougher to target; they knew they would need an experienced website design firm to help them accomplish the simple, informational, yet engaging website that they needed for their visitors.

Narrowing down the areas in which retrofit lighting is most popular is the easiest way to draw the website visitor to the proper information. Often times, if a reader doesn't find the information they're looking for within the first 7 seconds of searching, they leave the page. This helps them stick around longer.
Offering testimonials can bring out the best in the behind the scenes of a company. If your business offers quality services, you should have no problem displaying what people truly think of your work. Showing off honest, recent testimonials from customers helps provide peace of mind to new customers and shows off your talent levels.
Images help to narrow it down even more. While 20% of people would rather read information as plain text, 80% of people want to see that exact same text on a relevant image with text. Something about it proves to help customers visually remember what services your business offers, offering a branding potential as well!


Build a website that would give off the impression of "higher-than-industry standards" without intimidating people with too much information.


Simple, informative content with images showing off exactly where these types of lights are installed. Contact forms on every page for easy instant contact access.


With more customers, Blue Rooster has recently discussed an expansion within their business.

17 Website Pages

2 Week Turn Around

From The Client

“We asked for exactly what they delivered. Probably less, but these guys proved to hold up to their rank on the listing I found them at. The design and style is perfect for what we needed. Looking forward to our future and growth.”

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