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GameXPro is an awesome gamer website that provides visitors with forums, discussions, games, updates, tips, and new projects. Their main goal? To educate. They want to help people enjoy video games to their fullest potential and work hard to provide you with knowledge about the gaming world, encouraging visitors to do the same.

GameXPro is a professional gaming community based in Memphis, Tennessee. Competitive plays in game like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Starcraft – they came to us for our professional experience in building unique website designs and features for engaging visitors. As a lead gaming information hub, they needed a website with easily interchanged information displayed in an exciting and dynamic way. Features on the back end of the website help to make it easy when preparing new/updated information to release onto the website for the public to read. Custom media and banners were created for individual games and promotional uses. We continue to work with GXP to provide custom additions to their website and to keep their visitors intrigued and informed.



Create a website that would engage their target audience, gamers, and bring awareness to the gaming community. Include informative content in engaging manners to encourage reading and reach goals of educating about predetermined subjects.


Visually showing immediately upon entering website that video gaming is the subject of interest, we created an engaging design that fit the needs of this team of professionals. We also developed a forum capable platform to allow discussions between visitors/subscribers. Implementing social media feeds encouraged visitors to view recent activity.


Inquiries, views, and traffic to this website have all majorly increased, social media has increased following and is helping to spread awareness about the website quickly.

From The Client

“Working with the owner of CodeWithPower has been great. He's a former gamer, so the decision to use them as our website designers was pretty easy. They've developed a smooth design with a ton of ways to engage our website visitors and I love to show off our site to customers.”


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