8 Reasons Your Website Needs An Update

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1. Is It Memorable? Honestly?

It might feel frivolous, but take a serious look at your site. Was your last website made from a template as a quick option for your business? Or was your last new design/refresh over 2 years ago? Think of it like a moving trend because of course you’re going to do what looks appealing to the masses during the current times. Bring in fresh information, new photos, updates on projects – anything that will signify that your business has continued to grow and stay active in the passing years (especially if you don’t have an SEO team.)

2. How Does It Reflect the Brand?

Are your color schemes, fonts, photos, and information that are currently listed on the website accurate? Do they truly show off your brand *currently* and is it in a design that customers would immediately feel familiar with if they knew your brand? Or would they be confused? Have you ever stumbled onto a website and weren’t sure if it was the website for the same place you were looking for? Make sure your site visitors NEVER get confused with who you are and how you want to represent yourself.

3. Connecting With Who?

If for some reason you’ve been feeling you’re not getting the right kind of people in the door, consider taking a look at your website. Are you interactive with your website? Have any of your services changed to where you don’t really offer them, but you’re still getting those same people that want those services? It’s a tough choice to cut out non-essentials sometimes, but growth and change are two important (and rough) aspects of good business. Show it off, let them know you’re learning what you’re best at, and captivate their brain with everything you’ve got to offer.

4. Remember When We Had That…?

We can’t say this enough to our clients – if you’re not going to update your entire website regularly, then you DO need to update the technologies/software behind that website. Technology (AND SECURITY!) goes out of style faster than any velvet track suit or hairspray helmet we’ve ever seen. Probably because it’s become so detrimental in our society, but mostly because something new is ALWAYS being built. More efficient, pretty, simple features are being created every day and some work, some don’t. If it works now, there’s a chance in 1 year, it won’t work again because instead of going back to update software, most designers simply start work on a newer, better project. Make sure each aspect and feature of your website is working smoothly on a regular basis. You’ll do yourself a favor.


This seems like website design basic lesson #1 – make your website mobile friendly. If it is not, congratulations on making it this far into the 2000s. Seriously. A HUGE percentage of the population (in the US at least) use their mobile phones for countless searches. If they have to click on your website and dig through pages or literally physically zoom into your page to read the information they’re looking for……you’ve lost em. They’re onto the next guy who has the decency to offer a basic drop down menu, hours, and a clickable phone number so that they don’t have to root around for that too. The easier you make it for your visitors/potential clients, the more they’ll (completely unknowingly) appreciate your efforts and be more inclined to use your services.

6. Draaaaaggggggiiiiinnnngggggg?????

Loading time is an ongoing challenge that websites face because along with new feature creations, new file components are able to be used in new places of websites. Your hosting servers may be giving you a little bit of lag, but could the real problem be located within the website itself? Bring the issue up to your current developers and if they can’t get to the bottom of why, it may be time to invest in a company that can do a little more than just maintenance on your site. (Like CodeWithPower!)

7. Website Trampoline?

Being able to see how quickly visitors leave your page is both a blessing and a curse – it feels offensive when you’ve got people leaving your pages as soon as they get on them. Why??? What could they possibly be so annoyed by? Take a seriously, analytical look at it. Is the stuff you’re writing about, readable? Are you having to press the X on a pop-up ad 9000 times before it actually gets out of your way? Are your images or icons not really relevant to your services or industry? Can visitors get a true glimpse of who your company is on each and every page?

Make EACH page unforgettable – not just one!

8. Safe & Secure? For Sure?

Websites. Get. Hacked. ALL the time. It’s not fun, and it’s not always easy to fix the damages that hackers can do in mere seconds. Keep your website secure and safe and protected!! You’ve probably put a lot of money and time (and hopefully effort) into this thing that is such an incredible tool for your business – don’t let it get destroyed. It’s another thing we cannot stress enough to our clients – security is a must! Especially on things like woo-commerce websites or websites with sensitive information for people who are wholesalers. There are many different ways you can protect your website and many variances of the levels of security you’ll recieve. Make sure your number one worries are on the list of “Do-Have” and set yourself up with the peace of mind that your customer will *hopefully not* call you screaming at 3am wondering why his website is linking to inappropriate material.

*Disclaimer – security doesn’t always work. It’s the best way to prevent attacks, but it’s not always 100% efficient because true hackers know the programs and how to get around them. Take the measures that you feel necessary to keep your site and information safe.

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